Bruno Farmaceutici - Our History

Our History

Our History

Bruno Farmaceutici S.p.A. was created in 1996 when Dr. Antonio Bruno decided to acquire a portion of business from pharmaceutical multinational Aventis, a Lepetit Group company.

This acquisition represented the fulfilment of a dream and the realization of a project that Dr. Antonio Bruno had been considering for a long time and had consistently pursued during his long career as a Lepetit executive. This achievement also marked the beginning of an ethical challenge.

The project was supported by a group of Pharmacists, Chemists, Biologists, and Doctors all driven by the same ethical motivation: their passion for imagining and developing medicines.

Over the years, the company has believed in its potential and started development projects in several therapeutic areas, significantly increasing its product portfolio over time.

In 2012, Bruno Farmaceutici acquired Safilens, a leader in the ophthalmic industry characterized by highly performing products, immediate satisfaction of the customers’ needs, and technological leadership.

Always in 2012, Bruno Farmaceutici acquired the cardiometabolic line of Merck Serono, reaffirming its dedication to continuous growth in the diabetes treatment field.

Today, Bruno Farmaceutici S.p.A. is a young emerging company known nationally and internationally for some leading products in their respective market classes; in particular Deltacortene (prednisone), the gold standard of corticosteroids, and Glucophage for diabetes treatment.

Although we know that the discovery and development of a new product is long and difficult, Bruno Farmaceutici S.p.A. is also very active in Research and Development of new drugs and formulations. In recent years, the company was able to launch innovative formulations in cardiology - for atrial fibrillation and secondary hypertension -, chronic pain, diabetes, obesity treatment, and osteoporosis.

Everyone in the company shares a passion for imagining and creating medicines, and strongly believes that they will be able to keep the tree of life better nurtured and alive for longer.