Bruno Farmaceutici - Training Center

Training Center

“Il Noceto” Training Center

Noceto is located on a hill surrounded by holm oaks, oaks, and chestnut trees, a few kilometers from Amelia (Trani). The old farm with manor house has been transformed into Bruno Farmaceutici S.p.A’s Company Training Center.

The 7-hectare property contains five buildings with a total surface of 1,000 square meters, whose structure and architecture were carefully restored.

The interiors were renovated using traditional local materials: natural stone for the exterior walls, handcrafted terracotta tiles for the floors, mighty solid wooden beams for the ceilings.

The exterior garden is full of plants and juniper shrubs.

The old paved yard is reminiscent of a small village square. It displays a stone compass rose and is currently used as a heliport.

The interiors of the historical buildings also underwent restoration; the original structure and style were preserved but they are now used for training projects and corporate representation. They feature bedrooms, two training classrooms, one additional room for plenary meetings, an IT center, and a cafeteria.